Dental Hygienist

Hygienist service at Wollaton Road Dental Practice in Nottingham

The Dental Hygiene Therapist at Wollaton Road Dental Practice is Miss Kirsty Woolley. The Dental Hygiene Therapist specialises in preventative oral health care, she primarily focuses on helping patients maintain good oral hygiene. Her role enables her to educate patients about developing good behaviours which will help them practice good oral health care. Our Hygienist works closely alongside the Dentist providing a programme that boasts advice of oral health care, lifestyle factors and a variety of dental treatments.

What is our hygiene programme?

Miss Kirsty Woolley, is specially trained to work alongside the Dentist to promote oral health care to our patients. Her role within the practice comprises of carrying out various treatments, including scaling and polishing for patients with periodontal disease, taking of prescribed radio graphs, dental sealants, administration of fluoride, and providing education to patients for good oral hygiene.

Who is this for?

Each appointment is tailored to your individual needs; a treatment plan is established through both Dentist and Hygienist.


Each Hygienist appointment is for the duration of 30 minutes.


  • Private Scale and Polish £35
  • Air Flow stain removal from £65
  • Private Periodontal treatment from £150
  • Direct Access Cleaning £68
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