Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Using a microscope for precision dentistry in Nottingham

Microscopic enhanced dentistry allows Dr Thiara to see tiny details that are simply impossible to visualize with the naked eye. Less than one percent of general dentists use microscopes.

The use of a dental microscope gives a clear, magnified perspective. This enlarged view facilitates a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. Greater visual acuity with the surgical microscope's wide range of magnification, and bright illumination allows Dr Thiara to pick up problems early and work at a higher level of accuracy.

The microscope assists Dr Thiara in spotting the fine dividing line between healthy and unhealthy situations. Patients can actually watch Dr Thiara perform treatment, since the microscope projects the image on a monitor in the surgery.

Dr Thiara can also show you what was seen under the microscope to explain the treatment plan.

Dental Operating Microscope.

The possibilities offered by modern microscope systems have enormously extended the limits of visualisation. Since its inception in 1953, the surgical microscope has become firmly established in numerous medical fields across abroad range of clinical applications.

A large number of surgical procedures would now be totally inconceivable without the use of a microscope. In dentistry, the microscope has redefined the concept of visualisation. Particularly in the field of endodontics, the microscope is now generally recognised as an essential element in dentist's daily armamentarium and part of the basic academic curriculum in endodontic programmes worldwide.

Beyond the endodontic practice, the role of the microscope has received increased attention in general dentistry to further enhance the quality of the dentists work, obtain aesthetic outcomes and conserve long term dental health for patients. In addition, the attachable camera and video equipment of modern microscope systems permits the dentist to involve patients to a much greater extent in the treatment process.

A magnified microscopic image is worth more than a thousand words. It allows clear explanation of the treatment required.

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